Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A watched pot never boils

While we're waiting for the bead soup to come up to a boil, how about some more enameled beads and flowers?!?
While the weather's been boiling here in the Northeast, my torch has been red hot in my cool basement!

This first group of earrings are the same flower, but different colors. They are about 1/2" wide and have little crystals dangling in the front center. You can't really see it in this picture, but these flowers have a hole in the center. I use them in the layered flowers, but I like to cover the holes in the earrings with sparklies.
 This next pair is my favorite flower shape! It reminds me of a violet. They are "old new stock" and are no longer available. Or, at least, I have not been able to find more. I'll keep trolling the internet for them! In the meantime, I'm hoarding what little I have left!
 These are some groovy daisies! I like the imperfectness of the turquoise enamel. They almost look like I could have found them on a beach or sidewalk.
Another one of my favorite flower shapes are these bent leaves. They look good in any color. This is orange with a yellow center, and a small coral colored bead in the center.
 The side view shows more of the story! I love getting the 3-D affect in my flowers!
 A little late for the 4th of July, but this necklace can be worn anytime! Red, white and blue enameled filigree beads!
 And, a red, white and blue flower too!
 More filigree beads, but I used some raku frit on a couple of them. I love raku frit and I don't care who knows it!!!
No. Not tired on enameling yet, but thanks for your concern. It's a good thing too, because I just got a few more colors to play with! Will post more later!


  1. Hi..
    This jewellery is so designer fashionable and so pretty
    i really like this in flower shape
    thanks for design and create blog for this kind of jewellery. Its so impressive.
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  2. Great job on the enameling. I especially love the flower earrings. So fun and flirty!


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