Monday, December 16, 2013

Znetshows Winter Creative Spark Glossi is here!

I may have mentioned it once or a bunch of times - I'm on the design team for Znetshows.
The Winter edition of their Creative Spark Glossi is ready for viewing!

There are tons of fabulous pearl designs in this issue!! (my designs start on page 121)

They are also having a giveaway! All you have to do is share the Glossi - on your blog, FB, twitter, etc. Go to the Znetshows blog for more information, for a chance to win free stuff!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

When inspiration hits

I try to never question why I feel creative, because I know there will be times when I don't. There are evenings where I go to my bead room, and sit there, and sit there. I open bins of beads, look through my stash, and nothing happens. I know most (if not all) of us experience this sometimes. I've seen other blog posts about this subject, so I know I'm not alone. On those nights, I try to get motivated, but after an hour or so, it's time to shut it down and try a different activity.
So, when I have one of those creative nights where I'm making necklace after necklace, I don't question it. Admittedly, many times, it's the product of finishing off ideas that were previously started. But sometimes, I'll have a focal on my desk for weeks (or months). Then, suddenly, an idea will come to me, and I'm able to make something with it. There must be an explanation for it - like my subconscious brain is working on the design without my knowing it. Or, maybe muses really do exist, and mine comes and goes as she pleases. Whatever  the reason, I just go with it.

I made these on a creative night recently...
The first is the completion of my yellow Tree of Life I posted previously. I've had this idea in my brain a little while, I guess. I don't think I planned on making the chain part symmetrical, but that's how it worked out. Crystals and Sea Glass from Znetshows.

Next are a couple Holiday focals I got (last year and this year) at Beadfest, from White Clover Kiln. The cardinal is from this year. I rooted around in my Czech glass and found these red beads with Picasso finish (from Nirvana Beads) to go with the focal. Then, in my "red" bead stash, I had the red velvet crystals that were sooooo popular several years ago.


The snowman is from last year, also from White Clover Kiln (better late than never). I looked through bags of beads, and the aqua sea glass (from Znetshows) seemed to go. It looks like frosty ice to me. Then, in my search for beads to use, I spotted a strand of antique copper bird beads, and added him (or her). He/she looks like it's about to land on the arm of the snowman. Once I picked out the bird, I simply added round copper beads. I really like the copper color and the aqua sea glass together.


The last necklace is completely new, never a thought of it until the day I stumbled on it. We were walking to the car after working out. I was really cold, because I was sweaty from the workout, and the wind was very cold. But, in the parking lot, there was a tree that had dropped some bits of bark. It's some sort of fruit tree - maybe a crab apple. I liked the texture of the bark, so I picked some up. I have admired jewelry made by other artists, using actual bark and twigs. I decided to see if I could wrap filigree around it, without breaking it to bits. The wrapping went well. Next, I tried bending the little flourish on the front, but the metal is a thicker gauge, and was not meant to be bent (it broke), so I gave in and used glue. (I don't really like to glue things, if it can be helped) I have lots more bark pieces, so I plan to explore this a bit more. Chain and filigree from Vintaj, as usual.
Isn't the bark texture pretty?
And, if I get tired of the bark, the butterfly on the back is nice too!
That's all for now.
I spent Black Friday with a girl friend doing nothing but beading. I'll have pictures from that day soon.