Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge of Color Blog Hop - reveal day!!

Well, the big day is here! It's the Challenge of Color Blog Hop reveal day. Erin Prais-Hintz at Tesori Trovati Jewelry is the hostess (with the mostest - check out ALL she made!!!) We (the participants) picked a color. The color could be your favorite, or most challenging, or whatever - up to you. Then Erin selected a palette for each participant from Design Seeds (check out the site - some really beautiful color palettes there!).

So, I chose "red", because I do not seem to use red in my designs very often, so I thought it would be a good stretch for me.

Erin chose "Autumn Comfort" for me. As you can see, the red in this palette is on the orange side, which I was happy about. I really didn't know what I was gonna do if I got candy apple red!

So, first, I looked through all my red beads. I sort my beads by color, for the most part. I keep my art beads separate, so I looked through the art beads next. I found lots of rusty reds in there. The first thing I made were these earrings. I was just trying to warm up a little, like with exercise - you don't want to over do it!  The beads and the rings are lampwork from Outwest.  They have the red and darker grey color from the palette. I love matte lampwork!

Next, I made this necklace. It's made of beige cane glass I've had forever, don't remember where I got it (maybe Fire Mountain?). And red ceramic rounds, I think from Fire Mountain. And matte grey pony beads, that are from Fire Mountain. And, Vintaj bead caps.

Much to my surprise, I found the yellow color the hardest to work into my designs. But then I found a string of very large stone nuggets in my "yellow beads". I swear I don't even remember buying them. I don't know what "stone" they are. But, I picked out the best one on the strand. I liked this one because it has a darker spot on it. Along with that, I used some red coral little donuts, some white-grey marble rounds, some faceted Czech beads (that match the mystery stone perfectly), and the same grey pony beads as in the first necklace. And, of course, Vintaj bead caps.
I have not done it very often, so I'm still never sure how it will turn out, but I wire wrapped some gold sari silk in three places. I actually like it. It adds just a bit more golden yellow to the necklace.

Thanks to Erin for creating this fun challenge!!
Here's the list of all the other participants. Enjoy all the colors!!!
10 Cynthia Riggs (you are here) ~ Red ~ Autumn Comfort
18 Tari Kahrs ~ Orange ~ Citrus Tones
35 CJ Bauschka ~ Teal ~ Teal Air
41 Jenni Connolly ~ Gray ~ Paw Tones

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Challenge of Color - getting started

I signed up for For Erin Prais-Hintz's Challenge of Color blog hop. Erin always thinks up the funnest things! She asked participants to pick a color. Once you pick a color, Erin picked a color palette from Design Seeds for each participant. The color I chose was "red", because I do not usually design with it. I like red, but I have way more green and brown beads in my stash. The palette Erin gave me is "autumn comfort". It's so yummy! Who doesn't love grilled cheese and tomato soup?

So, I've gone through my stash of red, yellow, gray, tan beads. I am excited to say that I was able to find beads to match the palette, without buying any more beads (always a plus). I've gotten started making some things. You'll have to come back on Nov 30th for the big reveal. See you then!

Let me take time here to say that if you have ever thought of participating in the many challenges like these - just do it. I get such a kick out of challenging myself to make something that otherwise would have never been made. I would have never gone through my bins of beads, looking for these very specific colors. And it builds a feeling of community. You get to interact with other, like-minded artists out there. And everyone brings their own unique style to the party. It is rewarding, challenging and above all else, just plain fun.