Friday, June 25, 2010

Without further ado...

Here are the photos of Brittany's bridal jewelry. The instructions she gave me were "Big, Silver, Elegant". The centerpiece is a vintage rhinestone pin. The two side pieces are old buttons, so she has her "something old" already.

The earrings....

So, when she tried everything on with the dress at the bridal salon, the folks at the salon thought that the necklace was too fabulous for her to wear, because it took the attention away from the dress. I suspect this is only the opinion of a person that sells dresses. As the jewelry designer, I don't see a problem with the necklace being the focal point of the outfit....but I'm off track. So! She asked me to come up with a second necklace that was "less". Here's that necklace. As you'll see in the bridesmaids necklaces, this is a similar style.

And now for the bridesmaids: Brittany wanted the necklaces to be different, but to look like they were vintage necklace from the same collection. The dresses are a warm red/ coral and the Strawberry "Quartz" matched wonderfully.

Brittany wanted one for herself, for when they all hang out, so they can all wear their "matching" jewelry:

In the meantime, the mother of the bride requested a necklace to match her dress. Her dress color is "sable", which is a grayish brown. I did not get a swatch, but I thought Smokey Quartz would look good.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here comes the bride, maybe

Well, I did not win the Vintaj challenge. That's ok. I like to enter it, even if I don't have a chance. You never know, someday I might win again.
But, in the meantime, the theme this past month was Vintage wedding. Coincidentally, I've been doing bridal jewelry for a friend's daughter's (Brittany) wedding. She took her necklace to the first fitting of her gown and the bridal shop owner flipped over the necklace, and now wants me to collaborate with her brides (customers!). This will be a challenge, because my designs tend toward casual/ asymmetrical and brides usually want formal/ symmetrical. It will be a stretch for me - but I could use a good stretch.
Here's some of Brittany's jewelry I made (very Bling-y)....

Oh crud!! The pics are not on my thumb drive - I'll post them tomorrow!!