Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Innovative Beads Expo in Oaks

Preface: I guess I don't know how to "schedule" blog posts! I "scheduled" this to post on April 11. I just noticed that it was never posted. Rather than toss it, I'll post it now, for what it's worth!

There was a bead show this past weekend in Oaks Pa (Philadelphia area)! It is the first year Interweave did not have "Beadfest Spring", and Innovative took it's place. Beadfest Spring was always quite a bit smaller than Beadfest in August. And I have been to a small Innovative bead show in Doylestown, so I was familiar with Innovative Bead Shows.

I went to it, expecting it to be a small show. It was set up differently than Beadfest. For starters, they actually let us in the door before the starting time, and allowed us to buy our tickets. Beadfest always made us stand outside in line, and did not sell the entry tickets until the start time (this is my understanding, I've never been at the front of the line!).
After buying our tickets, we were able to look over the show floor. Beadfest always used tall curtain partitions, so you couldn't see "inside" the show.
When 10:00 rolled around they announce we could enter the show floor. There were some "old favorite" vendors (Parawire, 2 Bead Sisters, Metalliferous) and some "new to me" (Trixie's Jewel Box, Rob's Rocks) vendors.
Towards the back of the room was an opening, with more vendors! That was also the way to the restrooms and the food vendor, so not really a bad location! Also back there were the "classrooms". I did not take any classes, but we could hear student banging away on something metal, no doubt!
All in all, I liked the show! And will plan on going next Spring, if Innovative has the show again. It appeared to be a "small" show when we first got there, but it ended up feeling much  bigger by the end of the day.

I need more beads like a hole in my head. But of course, I bought beads!! I would like to say that I did try to curb my purchases, but I managed to allow myself to make a splurge purchase. I bought a strand of Amethyst beads with a natural edge.
With my "splurge", I made the below simple necklace Friday night after I got home from the show.

I got lots more goodies at the show, and will hopefully be creating up a storm this Spring!
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Good Bones

This blog is more about furniture these days than jewelry! LOL.
First, all the talk about the Printer's Cabinet. It took all year, but I think I'm done talking about that. It's happily ever after in my bead room.

Now, I've refurbished some dining room chairs!

I'll start by saying that I have never liked my current chairs. They came with the table (at an estate auction), but don't really match. I wouldn't care about them not matching but the worst thing about them is they are ladder-back chairs. I like the look of them all right, but they are so uncomfortable. So, for the past 18 years (how long we've been in our house), I've been on the look-out for chairs. I didn't have anything specific in mind, but I'd know it when I see them. I go to local thrift stores fairly regularly, and one day spotted these.
The wood was all but bare, the fabric seats atrocious, but good bones! They're circa 1950's I believe.
Here's the "BEFORE" pictures:

In the basement, rag bin in background! lol

The wood looks downright thirsty!

I removed the dirty 70's gold fabric to find dirtier 50's fabric underneath!
I found fabric that I liked at Joann's in the clearance section. Just lucky!
I stained the wood "Antique Walnut"and applied 2 coats of polyurethane. Went over the wood very lightly with #0000 steel wool, to make them nice and smooth.
I added foam to the seats, to make them more comfy.
Then, re-covered the seats with my pretty new fabric!
Et Voila!

They aren't perfect, but they turned out pretty well. My photos don't show the fabric. It's tan and grey threads that are woven in a faint stripe.

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I promise I'll post about jewelry from here on out!