Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends in far away places

This is not a story of how a friend went to China, and all I got was "this lousy t-shirt". No! This story is quite the opposite!

My friend Suzan was in China on vacation with her family, and she brought back BEADS!!!!
Specifically, these pearls. Look at these pearls! They are shaped like small potato chips, or smooth corn flakes. Unbelievable luster! I don't have the photography skills to do them justice. Oh, yeah, and she had a whole long strand of them!!

She came over to my house this week to bead together, and showed me everything she got in China (mostly all bargains, as you would imagine). She didn't go crazy (I know I would have), maybe because her husband was there. lol. (never take a husband bead shopping!) But she did pick out some very nice things - things you can't get here in the US, or maybe they're not here yet! She wanted to work on a project together, so we collaborated on this necklace and earrings. Actually, we made 2 sets - one for her and one for me!

We had to use 22 gauge wire (I think) because, you know how little the holes are in pearls!! To make them sturdier, we decided to do "bird-nesty" wire wraps. And, we all know that I love Vintaj brass, so we went with that. I feel fabulous when I wear it!

After we made the pearl necklaces and earrings, I got to thinking about other beads I have that might look good in the same design. I just bought these carved Dyed Howlite roses at the Rings N Things show. Hmmmmm...what would they look like if I did the same thing to them...I like!!


  1. Very cool design Cynthia both turned out really nice. Your gifted pearls are gorgeous that beats a t-shirt any day :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Oh, I love them! I like the interesting way the top-drilled beads and pearls hang. How nice of Suzan to bring you beads from her trip and to be able to spend time together making something with them.

    I worked with someone who went to Murano, Italy, and he brought me a perfume bottle. What!? No beads!?


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