Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Boo inspired!

Recent jewelry to celebrate the season.
No skull beads here...I like (and bought) colorful Czech sugar skull beads, but have yet to make anything with them. I guess I'm waiting for the right inspiration to come.

In the meantime, I recently got a little baggie of Halloween pendants at Walmart! They have $.99 bags of random bead mixes. Sometimes there are some really nice beads in those bags! I spied these 2 pendants and snatched them up. The pendants are "faux" bottle caps with resin covered printed images.

First up is Jack O. Lantern. Vintaj Arte Metal chain and gun metal bead caps with round black glass beads, and smaller vintage faceted glass black beads.

For this little spooky guy, I got another 99 cent baggie that had a random assortment of orange lampwork glass beads (probably made in India or China). More Arte Metal chain, more gun metal bead caps.

Leftover from last year's Halloween supplies, I had this pair of silver bone connectors. I used the antique brass and gun metal bones last year. I don't really like silver (I'm firmly a Vintaj brass gal!) so I guess I just ran out of ideas! These old bones have been laying on my bead table all year! In the baggie of orange beads were these 2 beads that matched, so I thought, why not make  earrings?! Clearly, they would only be worn for Halloween.

Actually, that's how I got started making jewelry (years and years ago!).  I wanted a pair of Halloween earrings and couldn't find any. So I went to Michael's and bought some orange and black beads, headpins and ear wires. There were left over beads, so I made more earrings. Then I wanted different colors, so I bought more beads. Fast forward, I have a room full of beads now!! LOL.
Seasons Greetings!!
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  1. I'm so surprised you found those cool pendants at walmart! I guess I'll have to look harder at those little baggies. Love what you were able to create for Halloween!

  2. This post is absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing!


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