Thursday, March 28, 2019

Calm, Neutral, but not boring

I recently made a purchase from Scorched Earth on etsy. Petra's ceramic sticks, drops and spikes are just fabulous!
I put an order together with a certain design in mind, and for the most part, it turned out exactly as I'd imagined!
Before I show you the new necklace(s), I'll show 2 previous designs I made several years ago!
I also envisioned these while I was shopping!

This is some "vintage scorched earth"!! I do not think she makes the striped spikes anymore. And the little terra cotta heart on the left was a little gift! (she always includes a wonderful gift!!) This is one of my "go to" necklaces!

 This second necklace has more vibrant colors. I made other similar necklaces, gave one to my mom. She wears it often, and receives compliments! I think my sister has one too (it was so long ago, I can't remember)

So, the new necklaces I put on larger chain links, to put some "air" in between the drops. I just love this calming palette of whites and greys, with a hint of patina green! Neutral, but not boring. Similar, but not identical. Work well on their own.
 But stacked, they have the same "crowded" look as the other earlier necklaces. My new white statement necklace!!

Of course, I have lots more yummy scorched earth loot in my hoard to make more!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wowzers!! These are amazing, Cynthia! I'm wildly flattered by these designs, and thrilled that you enjoy my work so much. Thank You!!!XOX:0)<3


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