Friday, October 12, 2018

Moravian tile works pendants

My cousin and her husband recently came to town to visit my mother and me.
We had a nice visit, but she came down with a cold, and was most interested in napping in the recliner!
Trying to think of something close by to take her husband to, we ended up at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown Pa (I live a couple miles from Doylestown). I took photos in there, but the perspective is hard to see - you have to go there and see the place for yourself. There are, what seems like, millions of things to look at. Check out the web site.

On our way out, we looked around the gift shop. Of course, I am always looking for things to make jewelry with. I found these pendants! They are made by a potter that works at the near by Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. (The tile works, along with another museum, Fonthill, are all related to each other and founder Henry Mercer)
These pendants are made in the same style as the tiles that are reproduced at the tile works!

I found (in my stash) green Czech glass and wooden beads that matched the terra cotta clay and green glaze perfectly!

A close up of the pendant!

 And, I also found (in my stash) black Czech glass beads to go with the black floral pendant!

I also took them to the "Stoogeum" in Springhouse Pa. If you are a fan of the Three Stooges, it's really a "must see" if you're ever in the southeastern Pa area!

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