Wednesday, October 21, 2015

zig-zag dangle earrings

I made some Zig-zag earrings. (I wonder what the origin of "zig-zag" is..... I just Googled it. It's origin is unknown, but possibly German from "zick-zack", or French).
Anyway, I saw this idea in online somewhere.
Just a single bead on a 1" headpin with a simple loop at the top. Then another one, with the first one added, and so forth. They have lots of movement when worn.
First pair of earrings with bronze crystal beads...These are light weight so I used hinged ear wires, so they won't fall out of the ear holes. 
Next... Same thing, but smaller blue crystal beads.

Then I thought maybe bigger beads and 5 headpins might be better. I think I was right...they are longer, of course, but also have even move movement. Red crystal earrings will be good to have on hand for the holidays.

I just got an idea - I could make a matching necklace with these "links"....hmmm.
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  1. Very good earring. Elegant and simple. Such earrings are very trendy during fashion nights.


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