Friday, October 23, 2015

Jade scott, those are cool components!

I really love buying art beads and handmade OOAK components. I'll admit that I hoard most of them! By the time I use them, they are not even being made anymore. I know I have a life time supply of art beads! I'd love to quit acquiring them, but those darn bead artists keep coming up with new and creative things that I must have in my hoard collection.

Jade Scott makes really cute components from copper, paper and resin. I have been hoarding these for a little while. Recently I was looking through a basket of stuff under my bead desk, that somehow did not get organized or put away when I moved my desk earlier this year. I found 2 small envelopes with these inside. I wouldn't say that I forgot about them, it was more like "out of sight, out of mind".....I decided that it was time to take action!

necklace #1 - This is a branch component, with 3 leaves (or maybe they are berries...I think they look more like leaves) The leaves are 3 different colors. I picked some robin's egg blue 2mm leather from my stash that matches one leaf, and a ceramic cube bead that matches the pink leaf. I decided to make a tassel from some of the leather (tassels seem to be "IN" right now). I finished it off with some Vintaj chain. The necklace length is about 22 inches, and the focal hangs below that.

I picked up a strange yellow glow at the bottom of this photo...I think it's a reflection from surrounding trees
 A close-up of the focal. You can see the texture on the copper, and the little print on the paper - so cute! And my tassel, too.
necklace #2 - This wing focal really is so nice, it didn't need much embellishment. I recently purchased a mixed bag of vintage German 4mm beads (from Fire Mountain). They are in a range of colors from a greenish yellow, to a burnt umber. I tried to used them randomly. I made 2 "love knot" headpins and put them through the holes of the pendant, then added my beads, and a wrapped loop. I bent the wire so that the beads are going out to the side of the pendant. This necklace is about 18 inches.
 I realized when I was cropping my photo that I did not lay this down straight. The beads really are at the same angle on both sides when worn. (oops). In my defense, it was cold and windy when I was outside snapping photos. :-)
 And a close up of the wing focal!  *love*
necklace #3 - As much as I love the first two necklaces (and I really do!), this one is my favorite! It all starts with the peapod focal from Jade Scott. At Beadfest, I purchased some delicious lampwork beads from 2 Bead Sisters. The lampwork bead is mostly purple and black, but has greenish yellow lines, and I thought it played well with the peapod. All that was left to do was to pick the supporting cast. The small green and aqua beads are more vintage German beads (also from Fire Mountain) and some faceted purple beads (probably dyed Howlite?) that I've had for several years. The 5mm German beads are in a range of colors from aqua to grass green. Again, I chose the colors randomly. Bead caps, jump rings and chain are from Vintaj, of course. Necklace length is about 19 inches.
 Here's a close up of the peapod focal, and the lampwork bead. Both are yummy!
I'm so glad my muse has come back to me. She still has more up her sleeve, I am happy to report. More jewelry is coming! Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Cynthia its nice to read blog which i am habituated daily. You have great idea of jewelry design. These fancy necklace are very good on beach walk.


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