Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Beadfest inspiration

While at Beadfest this past August, I ran across a vendor with really nice chain at very reasonable prices. It was one of the many smaller foreign vendors - I don't know the name. I'll probably never find him again, even if he's there again. The tables were non-descript. Just the usual...until a friend pointed out the chain prices to me! Some chain was $0.50 per foot (what?!) Of course, I had to stop and buy some!
There were spools of beaded chain too. I tried not to go too nuts. I bought the below carnelian bead chain below, I think, for $3.00 per foot. Each link is connected by wrapped loops - pretty nice.
I know it's kind of cheating - I should be making my own chain, right? But it makes it quick and easy to try out ideas...
I got the idea to make this necklace - with 3 lengths of chain, all in equal lengths of 11-12 inches each. The Carnelian chain and the large twist link chain were from the vendor at Beadfest. I added some smaller Vintaj chain for the "third" chain. It can be worn long, with the either chain in the front, or half and half. Or it can be worn doubled around the neck.

 Because I had to cut the chain, it gave me 2 carnelian beads, so I made them into some simple matching earrings.
That's all folks! Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful chain
    you have made through the beads. Much appreciated. Its very nice idea to make it two and classic look.


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