Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recent signs of life

I have been so absent lately here on my blog, I feel like I need to make up for lost time. Maybe I'm just a bit less active in the jewelry making in the summer months. My beading room is usually pretty hot in the summer. I'll use that as my excuse *ahem* I mean, reason.
I took lots of photos last week and have lots to share with you.
These are all enameled beads that I made. I have been having good luck selling the simple 3 beads bar necklaces, so I thought I'd try some with enameled beads...
 This necklace has one of my enameled flowers on a copper filigree, and cat's eye round beads. The filigree bead in the flower center has heat patina.
 This is a vintage Bakelite Majong playing piece. I had the cool handmade paper bead (don't remember where I got it), and, of course, some enameled beads in the colors on the playing piece.
 Does everyone love Lilly Pilly mother of pearl components as much as I do? I just love the detail in the etching. And the designs are always cool. This is a Lilly Pilly MOP disc, and the flower, the hoop and the bead were enameled by guess who! Moi!
 A straight-on shot. There's a tiny yellow crystal in the center of the flower. I love the color of the enameled filigree bead.
 This pendant is carved, and much less refined than the above pendant. But I like it also. I pick these type of components up at bead shows from the various Chinese vendors. There's always a vast selection. The crystals in this necklace are from the growing pile of Znetshows beads I've amassed. All the brass is Vintaj.
 And lastly, a pair of earrings. I enameled the frame components, and dangled the yellow crystals and pearls (also from Znetshows) in front.
I'm really hoping to post more regularly this fall/ winter!! Thanks for sticking around.

Coming up...
I'm participating in a Design Challenge hosted/ sponsored by Elements of Antiquity. They sent me a handful of lovely components to play with. I have completed one design, and intend to make a couple more before I reveal anything here. Stay tuned!

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