Friday, May 10, 2013


I apologize for not being here much lately. Family issues arise, and they take the priority.

I have some new things planned for the near future, but in the meantime, I found some older photos of jewelry that I never posted!! I don't know how or why I never posted any case, here they are.

This first necklace is a Lilly Pilly horn pendant, with a carved bone flower bead, smokey glass nuggets, and Vintaj brass.

Next, we have a mother of pearl printed leaf, with faux pearls and Vintaj brass bead caps and filigree leaves. I believe the MOP focal was from a sale bin at Michael's - I love digging through those bins for bargains!

 This mother of pearl focal is really pretty in person. I love green. I buy lots of green beads, so finding something to go with this was not a problem! Fire polished green crystals and an odd lampwork bead, along with more Vintaj bead caps and leaf. Pantone is finally coming around to my way of thinking - Emerald is the Pantone color of the year!!

 This is an old brooch that looks like an old buckle. This brooch probably sat on my bead desk for at least 3 or 4 years before I used it!! Sometimes the designs need to just percolate in my subconscious for a while! Well, that, and the fact that I did not have the rhinestone rondelles before then. Once I bought rhinestone rondelles in black metal, I was able to pull it together, with faux pearls.

 Lastly, this is Chinese crystal and, yes, more brass (bead caps are from Vintage Jewelry Supply). I love the look a super sparkly crystals with the dark brass, don't you? This necklace would have looked right at home on Downton Abbey around Lady Mary's neck.

Hopefully my next post will be sooner than later, and it will feature a collaboration project I'm doing with a ceramic artist - stay tuned!!

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