Wednesday, April 17, 2013

B&B Bead Buzz Blog

Back in January, I was reading "Bead Buzz", the editor's blog at Bead and Button magazine. The post was about making jewelry with family heirlooms. Jane Cruz told about how she made a keepsake necklace from a very special button of her grandfather's. I felt compelled to leave a comment, and it lead to a fun and lively email conversation about jewelry, family and Missouri (the place where my mother grew up). I sent Jane some photos, and she asked if she could use them in a future blog post. Of course, I said yes.

Fast forward to yesterday.
I pretty much forgot the details of the conversation - after all, it was over two months ago. Imagine my surprise to receive an email from Jane yesterday saying she posted my photos on the Bead Buzz blog!
I have made lots of jewelry over the years, but the pieces I made with my Mother's treasures remain some of my most prized. I gave most of them to other family members, including my Mom. She wears hers often.

I kept this one for myself!
Thank you Jane. It was fun to get to know you a bit!

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  1. How fabulous to be featured on Jane's post! That's exciting. And what lovely keepsakes you've created with your Mother's treasures. I'm inspired to look for little treasures now!


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