Friday, April 05, 2013

Bead Soup follow up

My bead soup is in the previous post, please scroll down there to see it (or click here)!

I thought I'd post a photo of my partner's (Bridget Torres) bead soup, since her website is tricky to navigate. I could not find her photos when I visited, so I thought maybe other hoppers had trouble too (or maybe I'm just too dim to figure it out!). On her website, you can view Bridget's slideshow by clicking the little boxes next to "Bridget's Creations". Her bead soup is the bottom 5 photos.

Anyway, here's her finished soup!

I think she did a great job!! Feel free to leave a comment, I'll forward it to Bridget!

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  1. It's definitely not only you who couldn't figure out how to navigate that site. Anyway, I'm happy that you posted the necklace because I've been waiting to see what happened to your beautiful enameled focal. Bridget's necklace is very nice. I like how she hung the pendant and what she did with the beadcap, using it for a tassel under the pendant. Lovely necklace, Bridget!


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