Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As I have said previously, I sell my jewelry in a small local Gallery, the Orchard Artworks. It's a cooperative, with artists of just about every media. Our June show will feature collaborative art. The members were encouraged to collaborate with another artist. It could be someone from outside the gallery, or another gallery artist.
Ellen Pine Litwin is a ceramic artist who is a member of Orchard Artworks. Her art usually manifests itself in beautiful pitchers, mugs, bowls, etc - items for the home. So, when she said she would make beads if a jewelry artist wanted to collaborate with her, I was intrigued (and said yes!).
About a month ago, she handed over 3 baggies of beads and pendants. I have not counted them, but there are many I haven't gotten to yet! Every piece is made from Terracotta. The beads are unglazed, and the pendants are partially glazed. Here now, is our collaborative works:

Pendant and beads by Ellen Pine Litwin, copper bead caps and chain. I'm just now noticing that my photos doesn't really show the cool square jump rings I used - they are vintage, a.k.a. old-new stock.
 This pendant is the same glaze as the above pendant. I love the scalloped edge! The necklace is a little simpler. I didn't want every necklace to be "fussy". Chain is Vintaj, bead caps from Fire Mountain.
 This pendant has aqua glaze that was rubbed off, to highlight the rope texture (I love this one!). Ellen also made a handful of textured beads, so I used them on this necklace. After I finished the front of the necklace, I looked through my new stash of silk ribbon, to see if anything coordinated with the beads. OMG - this ribbon has the aqua of the pendant, and the pink-coral of the terracotta (looks less pink in real life). This silk ribbon is from RibbonsAndSilk on etsy. They have beautiful silk ribbon (as you'll see, if you click the link)!!
 A closer look at the focal...
Ellen made a couple pendants with a sunrise/ sunset. Is that like glass half full/ half empty? If so, I'll call this a sunrise! I have had these colored tin discs for soooooooo long. So long that I can't even guess how long. I bought them when I was very new to jewelry making, at a cool little shop in Lambertville, NJ - Sojourner. They carry lots of cool imported things, and lots of beads. It was the only place, back then, where I could get quality beads. And, coincidentally, I got more of the exact discs at the auction a couple years ago!!
Anyway, I thought the colors matched the pendant pretty well. I used aqua colored Beadalon bead wire, and some filigree tubes from Panda Hall.
 Beads and pendant by Ellen, Vintaj brass chain, Fire Mountain bead caps. This is aqua matte glaze....pretty!
 I think this my favorite pendant that Ellen made. I love the scalloped edge (like the grey one above) and the matte aqua glaze. I paired it with Vintaj bead caps and aqua translucent crystal beads.
This pendant is baby blue. I found an odd bag of blue beads. I couldn't tell you anything about them or even where they came from, only to say they are glass, I think. I used some delicate Vintaj chain and bead caps.
This is a second sunrise pendant. I paired this with some vintage Amazonite beads I got years ago at the auction. (I love it when there's jewelry making supplies at the auction - it's rare when it happens!)
 And, of course a couple pair of earrings. There are a couple other pair, but I did not photograph them. Just your basic, everyday earrings.
It was fun to participate, and collaborate with someone. I had no idea what Ellen would make, and it felt a bit like the Bead Soup Blog Party- time was limited, and I had to work with the materials I was given. But, I truly enjoyed working with Ellen's pendants and beads. I tried to stay true to my style, while showcasing Ellen's work as well.

If you live in the Bucks/ Montgomery area (of PA), please stop by the gallery during June to see these in person, and all the other Collaborative art on display. There will be an opening on June 2 from 1pm to 4pm. Orchard Artworks is located on Tomlinson Rd in beautiful Bryn Athyn, Pa.
You can visit our facebook page (and like us, if you like us!)  www.facebook.com/pages/Orchard-Artworks/104664492932219


  1. All your collaboration jewelry is beautiful!

  2. Wonderful! How fun to collaborate with another artist. You definitely stayed true to your style while showcasing the pretty beads and pendants.

  3. Those are lovely - love the colors she uses. You did a great job!


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