Monday, September 10, 2018

Orchard Artworks Pop-up show in August

Well, so much for keeping the blog going on a regular basis! I'll still try to do this, but will not beat myself up for not posting regularly. It will just be a once-in-a-while thing, and hopefully my followers (you!) will enjoy the posts whenever they occur. I do admire the bloggers out there that really keep it going - It's hard to do.
That said, I have something to post! (with photos too)

I did a pop-up show at my local gallery (Orchard Artworks) back in August. There was art on the walls in a "Colors of Summer" theme, and then every weekend there was a different pop-up show. Our main goal was to book guest artists (we booked 2!) but we ended up having some member pop-ups, like mine, so the room would not be "bare". I sent out emails to all my contacts/friends. Some of my friends showed up, which was nice! I really appreciated their support!
The only "theme" my pop-up had was "new items" - things that have not been in the gallery before. Everything I showed was "new" to Orchard Artworks.

This is my display as seen walking into the gallery.

And this is the back side, after you walked around the table. I dug into my older designs that had never been at the gallery before. I was obsessed with hand woven cords a few years back (and I have all the yarn to prove it - lol). I have had some cords in my gallery space, but those have assemblage pendants that I made using Vintaj filigrees. The necklaces in the photo below are my hand woven cords, using purchased pendants. The pendants are sterling, with various stones, pearls, etc. I have not had them at the gallery since the pendants were not made by me.

In the foreground is a tray of my attempts at wire-wrapping stone and bead pendants. While I like them, they will likely become Christmas gifts, since they didn't sell. (spoiler alert to my family and friends!)

In case you noticed the vintage looking postcards, they are photos from my family. The woman with the big black hat is a photo of my maternal grand-mother Isabel on her honeymoon at Niagara Falls. (circa late 1920's). The photo of the 2 girls is my husband's paternal grand-mother Nellie with her little sister Elisabeth. 2 cuties! (probably circa 1910's, as my in-laws were older than my folks).

I tried to have many new designs for the pop-up.
I made lots of necklaces using Czech flower beads. I'm really in love with Czech table cut flowers right now!

I also made lots of leather and big seed bead bracelets (on the bottom bracelet bar). Various color combos, all use 1.5mm leather and vintage buttons for the closures.
After making the seed bead bracelets, I wondered what it would look like if I used big hole pearls (on the middle left bar). Also with vintage button closures, but on 2mm leather.
And then....I received a gift of watches! They were very pretty, and in working order, so I made 4 watches with leather and big hole pearls! (on top bar) Also with vintage button closures and 2mm leather.
There are 2 lonely looking wrap bracelets on the middle bar as well. Surprisingly, they both sold! Well, I was surprised....


I bought a baggie of feather bookmarks last year at Beadfest (at Supertime, I think), and decided to try my hand at making bead embellished bookmarks. I liked them but it felt like they weren't "artistic" enough, so I hand painted them with Vintaj patinas.
There are a handful of lockets on the tray behind that. The lockets are simply on chains with Swarovski accent beads.

This photo hints at my previous infatuation with freshwater pearls and Sterling Bali beads. The 2 closest trays have some of those. I still have quite a stash of supplies, but then I became MORE infatuated with Vintaj and the freshwater pearls and Bali beads are waiting for me to return to them....someday.
There's also a tray of Czech flower earrings, to coordinate with the Czech flower necklaces.

All in all, it was fun to do. It was a good motivator to get some new things done. And, I still stand by my "old" cords and pearl necklaces - I still love them. I did sell some things, which is always nice!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with my blog.

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