Thursday, May 31, 2018

More bling for my nephew's wedding

I've never been one to stop when there is more to be done or had. It's my downfall when potato chips are involved - LOL.
But, when it comes to making jewelry, the more the better.
I had another inspiration for a necklace for my sister (the mother of the groom). You can see the first 4 necklaces in a previous post.

Here's a stacked group of wire wrapped stick pearls, in grey (with matching earrings!). My sister has a weakness for pearls, so she might pick this necklace over the others.

I made the same design in white stick pearls. Those pearls are sort of double sticks, but I like them just as well in this design. It looks like these necklaces, but white! (with silver wire and chain) I don't have a photo yet.

This necklace isn't for the wedding - I just made it because I had the violet stick pearls! I'll probably keep this one - love it!

Pretty, pretty pearls!
For my Mom, it was "one and done"! Uncharacteristically, I stopped after the first necklace. But, it is really perfect, so why make anything more? Plus, she was really excited about it too.
There are 3 tiny light blue rhinestone pins that she got at a garage sale, for me to use. They are combined with antique silver filigrees and a rhinestone brooch from my stash. It looks stunning with her periwinkle gown.

Beautiful jewelry "runs in my family". hahaha

In the meantime, I finally got inspired to make something for myself!
I have been very undecided, but tried to make something anyway. I'm not committing to wearing either of these next 2 necklaces to the wedding, but I'll take them with me and decide later. I also have some very nice vintage Victorian jewelry that I could wear, so I'm still on the fence...

My dress is navy blue. I really didn't want to wear a navy blue gown, but it was on super clearance and was only $18.00! And, it fits me well. And it's "age appropriate". If you haven't shopped for a gown lately, you might not have noticed that everything is geared towards younger, skinnier "women" (a.k.a. girls). I realize prom dresses are more sought after, especially this time of year, but us older gals need to get dressed up once in a while too. I started searching for "mother of the bride" dresses online, just to eliminate the super tight, super sexy dresses, with spaghetti straps (or no straps). My dress is sleeveless but doesn't feel "bare" up top. The neckline is like a low cowl, and not too low. And I don't feel like a school marm in it.

I connected mixed metal filigrees with jump rings, and then glued vintage Swarovski bead caps, to make the necklace "blue". I found these beads caps at Beadfest (last year?) and bought them in every color! When I stumble upon anything cool and vintage, I must buy every color, and multiples, to make sure I have a life time supply! (see opening statement of this post! lol.)

Mixed filigrees with vintage blue Swarovski bead caps affixed.

This next necklace was made to sell at the gallery. But I thought maybe the buff color of the main stone would look good with navy, so I brought it home. The smaller stones are faux opals. The stones in the chain portion are peach moonstone (I think) and match a bit closer in real life (my photograph is not accurate!).
The focal was part of a pre-made focal I got at Michaels. The part I removed was smaller and heart shaped. I bought 2 and made earrings from the 2 smaller pieces. They are sold already, so I can't show you those. There was also another necklace, but that also is sold already! Yay customers!

This might look nice with the dress, but it doesn't have the "wow" factor.

That's it for now. I have a couple more ideas, so there will probably be another post with more wedding jewelry. Maybe I'll take photos of my Victorian things - now that's my favorite eye candy!
Thanks for stopping by!

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