Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Custom Majong necklace

I hope this blog post finds you all well, and enjoying the holiday season. I don't mind the mild weather we've been having. But it is time for Winter to get on with it, no? Here in the Philadelphia area, we've only had a few frosts so far. Now we know what it's like to celebrate Christmas in one of the Carolinas! But, this post is not about the weather....

A while back, I was contacted to create a custom Majong necklace. I sorted through the tiles I have, and snapped some photos to see which tile my client might like to use. She didn't like any of them, and set out to find her own. I thought at that point that maybe she had changed her mind, and was letting me down easy. Until, a couple weeks ago, I received an email, letting me know she found the perfect tile! So, we met and she gave me the tile. I have to say, the tile is in perfect condition, and is quite nice!

So, I took it home, to get started creating the necklace. The first order of business was to wrap a piece of filigree around it to make it into a pendant. I was so nervous. I didn't want to scratch the tile, as I've done previously to some of my own tiles. But that went very well. Yay!

I then looked in my stash for beads to use in the necklace. I recently got the black fluted rounds (with gold in the recessed areas) and they looked great with the tile. I also wanted to put together some beads to look like the vase pictured on the tile. I put together one of my enameled beads with some various bead caps to mimic the vase shape.  I ended up using it "upside down", but the  vase shape is still apparent. Then, I noticed, sitting on my desk, my special stash of vintage glass leaves! Could I let go of my precious? I used one black leaves connector in the necklace. I just love cool old stuff like these leaves!!
So, here's Ellyn's necklace!

Ellyn did not want to tell me what she wanted, as she did not want to cramp my style, or stifle my creativity. The only thing we discussed was the necklace length, and she also hoped it would be asymmetrical.

When we first talked about what I would make, she wasn't sure if she wanted a pair of earrings to match. I told her she could get the earrings, but she could NOT get them too - whatever she wanted. No pressure! But she liked the earrings I made with the vintage leaves, so she took those. The other pair of earrings are made with my enameled beads. They are currently on Sterling Vermeil ear wires, due to possible allergy concerns. I'll change them to Vintaj brass ear wires, and put them in the gallery. Black earrings go with anything!
By all accounts, Ellyn loves the necklace and earrings!! I am thrilled she's happy with them.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!!!

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