Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Dragon's Hoard of Dragonflies!

Ever since I discovered Vintaj Natural Brass (many years ago!) and the different dragonflies they offer, I have had a love affair with dragonflies (& butterflies).
I've mentioned before that I sell my jewelry in a small local gallery - The Orchard Artworks. It is a small but wonderful gallery, filled with all sorts of art and fine craft: jewelry (or course), paintings, wood, fiber and pottery. The gallery has an arrangement with the local Whole Foods store to set up tables on the first Saturday of the month. This happens off and on, but in October, I set up a table there. I was there with Gail Simons & Louise Sussman. Gail is a jewelry artist and Louise is a ceramic artist. Louise continuously makes new and interesting things, and I was helpless to resist buying one of her fabulous wall pockets - with a dragonfly! She even included the sprigs of seasonal flowers.

 So, I took it home and hung it on my folk art rack, in my kitchen. I change this "display" according to the season. It's time to change it to a more winter/ holiday look.

But, while we stood there all day in Whole Foods, chatting and occasionally looking for free food samples, I mentioned to Louise that if she would make just the dragonflies, I could make jewelry out of them. So, we worked out the details, and she said she'd do it!! I was surprised to get a phone call from her about 2-3 week later, saying they were ready! She got right to work on them. She had never made jewelry components before, but luckily there was someone at the art center who had, and helped her when she was working on them. They gave her wires for hanging, rather than makings the holes she and I had discussed. I absolutely love the glazes she used. Lots of blues and greens and purples. They were a bit rough on the back sides, so I had to dremel some of the the pokey bits, but, so thrilled with them. Here are most of them!!

I made 2 necklaces right away. This one is tan and green and purple. I used grayish green crystals and faceted purple howlite and some seed beads, along with Vintaj bead caps, jumprings and chain.

 Ooooh, so pretty!!!
 This dragonfly is a gorgeous turquoise color, so I just made a simple beaded chain of Vintaj brass and turquoise howlite beads. Simple, but delicate.

 Honestly!?! Just squeeee!
I have made more of the loose dragonflies into necklaces. I'll get some photos of them and post more dragonfly goodness, hopefully soon.
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