Monday, April 20, 2015

Tribal guitar pick?

As an off-shoot of making the filigree tube bracelets, I wondered if I could use the same technique in a necklace. And in the meantime, my friend Suzan gave me a handful of lovely turquoise Zuni bears. Also fueling this particular design, I re-located my bead desk in another room in the house, so I have touched all my beads in the past few weeks. I ran across a small box of Vintaj blanks that I embossed (on my Big Kick), and I had painted some with Vintaj patinas.
The Zuni bears were sitting next to the green fern embossed guitar pick and looked pretty good together and I was thinking about the bracelets.....serendipity.

I put together the focal with messy (bird-nesty) wire wrapped loops. Then made the filigree tube sections, adding the focal half way through. I used fold-over end caps, as opposed to tying knots (mainly because I did not have quite enough cord on the ends). Then I cut and frayed the ends of the cord and added the jumprings, chain, clasp. I used a lobster claw clasp because the necklace is light weight.

It has a tribal, native feel to me. Not at all like Native American jewelry (except for the bear), but reminiscent of it somehow.
This gives me other ideas for bracelets too. Like, putting a big bead or a charm in the middle of the bracelet, perhaps? Or making short sections and attaching them with jumprings or connectors. Hmmmm.....

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