Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's a bracelet frenzy!

Looking back over the years, I could count on one hand the number of bracelets I've made. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it would not be more than 20. (fingers and toes!)
However, I have been a bracelet making machine lately!!
Part of the reason is that I have been invited to have a "trunk show" at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts gift shop in May, so I am busy making new things to take to it. I know I don't need to fill an actual trunk, but I'd like it to at least fill the table!
So, I have been making bracelets!

I made just a couple of the leather and chain bracelets I've shown in the past. I have been amassing different colors of chain. I started out with only gun metal and matte copper . Now I have shiny silver (shown below), shiny gold, antique brass (shown below) and I just got matte black at Bead Fest (can't wait to make one with that!).
Two handmade buttons from Mudalicious. The brick red leather bracelet has a modern button, but I could not resist the fleur-de-lis.

And I've been making lots of the filigree beads bracelets I wrote about in an earlier post. I ordered more of the filigree tube beads in silver and gold colors, just to have options. But until they arrive, I only have the dark brass.
Here they are all together....
And now we'll break it down.
There are 2 bracelets with more cool handmade buttons from Mudalicious. And I am now out of them. But not to worry. I think I have other buttons by other artists in my dragon hoard.
I love the turquoise glass pony beads!
There are 4 bracelets with vintage buttons. The black button is plastic, the white button is pearlized plastic. The other two are brass.

And ELEVEN bracelets using lampwork orphan beads. These beads are from 2 Bead Sisters and Juls beads.

Lastly, these are just beads from JoAnn's or Michael's. Nothing fancy, but fun to wear!

I have been using cotton woven cord, ramie cord and waxed linen cord. I bought some 1mm leather at Bead Fest Spring and am planning to make some of this type of bracelets in leather. Hopefully I can squeeze it through the filigree beads with out it cracking!

side note:
I just happened to notice today that I have 100 followers!!! I would like to thank all 100 of you for following and reading my blog!!!

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