Monday, February 11, 2013

zloot from znetshows

I think by now, you've seen the blogs of some other talented designers out there, showing the sea glass beads they received from znetshows. Some of the designs were truly amazing. I was also invited to be a blog partner, to design some jewelry made from sea glass. But that invitation came only days after my dad's death, so I gratefully declined. But Bill from znetshows was so sweet and kind. He related a loss he had suffered, and asked me to design, in my own time. Wow - how nice!!
I am taken aback by all the kindness I've been shown these past several weeks, really!
I'll be too late for Tucson (they are already there!), but maybe my jewelry will show up at a bead show near you some day!

Here's the loot I was sent - so generous!!!!
I do not gravitate towards yellow. I rarely make jewelry in yellow. But I do love the color of the sea glass - like butter!
Besides the sea glass, there are pearls and crystals!
 Lots of different shades of yellow crystals!
 The sea glass is the star of this show. Lots of interesting shapes. As soon as I saw the curved bars, I had an earring idea right away! The little starfish button will make an excellent clasp (I hope).
So, that's the loot!!
Here's what I made so far. First up is the earrings I made with the curved bars.
 Along with the curved bars, I used the tiniest yellow crystals, the tooth shaped beads, and the spacers that were separating the tooth beads. They are so warm and inviting, aren't they?
Next, I decided to make another pair of earrings. Oh, how do you like my earring holder? It's a sign post from an old train set!
I used two of the square shaped "pendants", and the darker crystals, with the tiny yellow crystals. I can't help but notice, at this point, that I did not use any beads caps - hmmm, how unlike me!
 Usually I make earring to match my necklaces. This time, I made the necklace to go with the earrings.
 There was one larger square pendant, so I used it for the necklace. Wire wrapped links with the same beads that were used in the earrings, except I made one link with a little stack of the tiny yellow crystals. I really like those little tiny crystals!
That's all I've gotten made, so far. I am hoping to get some more elaborate pieces made soon.


  1. I love what you've done so far. I, too, can't make a necklace without earrings and yours are just fun! But, be careful, they SUCK YOU IN with these little "gift" packages! I just spent a bunch of birthday money to buy more of their sea glass, I had so much fun with what they sent me and what I saw other designers use. ;)

  2. That's a nice soft yellow in the faux sea glass. I especially like how you used the curved bars. That little starfish will be adorable in some new creation. And your new earring holder is so perfectly quirky!

  3. stopping in visiting all the blogs for the bead soup blog party! good look with the challenge!

  4. Cindy, first off, I am sorry for your loss. It was so nice of Bill to understand your situation at the time. Second...your designs are just lovely. I understand the gravitation pull of certain colors.. I am not one for blues, but I can work with yellows..LOL :-)


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