Monday, November 26, 2012

The keys to a talisman?

I love making jewelry! I say this, because I truly love creating jewelry, for the beauty, and creativity of it. I love to wear it. I love it when someone loves something I've made. I love the beads and findings.
The other aspect of jewelry making that others possess the knowledge of, and I do not, is the hidden meaning of certain jewelry components or symbolism of objects. Like crystals empower you. Or butterflies symbolize flying. Or garnets make you smart. Or keys symbolize prison (or freedom!). Or agates give you x-ray vision. I'm making these up (I could go on), because I really don't know! I would like to know all these things, but it's just too much for me. I know many, many gemstone's names, but I can not remember their "powers". Along that same line, I am just not "deep" enough to create a true "Talisman". In fact, I bought a jewelry book about creating them, and I still don't really understand them. So, these keys remind me of a Talisman, from what I've seen elsewhere. For me, I just think they're pretty and cool.
Old skeleton keys wrapped with sari silk, wire and beads.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. What a unique idea~ such a wonderful contrast between the sari and the metal. Love!

  2. I don't know those things either and really don't care! I hear you on the 'not "deep" enough' part, too. I take things at face value so all that introspection stuff is too much for me. I so love the keys because they are beautiful!


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