Friday, November 16, 2012

Miss Elainie

I just thought I'd post some miscellaneous stuff. No real connection to these things, other than they were all made recently, and I got around to photographing them.
I usually start with necklaces and end with earrings, so let's change it up!
These earrings are pretty simple, but I like them. They look sort of like Japanese lanterns. The Dyed Howlite barrels were from Michael's. The bead caps I got from Panda Hall. Did you ever buy from Panda Hall? I was too cheap to pay the faster shipping, so they took 2 months to arrive. (that was a buzz-kill to my impulsive purchase!) But besides that, it is a huge quantity of beads. These particular beads are in a baggie, and there are as many pieces of straw in the bag as there are beads! And some of them are a bit grungy. They really look like they came from a farm (in China) or something! But I really like them. I bought other beads at the same time. All I can say is that I have a life time supply of beads to enamel, and tiny antique copper spacer beads (20,000 of them!!!) Anyway, here's the earrings:

Next up is a necklace. The focal is from Earthenwood. I really like some of her things, like the wings, and this, and lots of other things too. I don't think I realized there were snowflakes on this when I bought it. I bought it because I liked the crackle glaze, and the open window design. I like the snowflakes too, but I've not seen green snowflakes before! (I have heard of yellow snow. lol) But, no matter, I love the ceramic piece. I decided to look through my stash for smaller filigrees that could pass for snowflakes. The necklace is a bit fussy, and I might make some alterations to it, but this is it's current state. Subject to change.
This simple necklace is just a Vintaj bird and a handful of vintage carved bone flower buds. It's NOT a fussy necklace, like the one above, but is good for those days you want something neutral, that goes with anything and everything.
I bent the ends of the wing and tail, rather than making a hole in the bird somewhere. And, coincidentally, I recently saw this bird, bent the same way, on the Vintaj blog.
Lastly, this is a variation on a previous design. Previously, I made a necklace with a Simple Truth pendant, called "Make a Wish", and it was published last April in Bead Trends. This necklace is similar, but the pendant is wood with a dandelion painted (or stamped? or printed?) on it. I twisted little pieces of wire going up the one side, to be the seeds blowing off the dandelion (like the previous necklace).
That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the necklace with the Vintaj bird.

  2. I don't think that one necklace is too fussy at all! I especially like the sun layered on top of the ceramic square. And the way the bird is fastened on the other necklace is very creative.


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