Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Patriotic

With Memorial Day coming up, I just HAD to buy this fabulous red, white, and blue lampwork focal from StudioJuls (aka Julsbeads). I mean, how is a red-blooded American gal suppose to pass it up??? I do intend to give this to my Mom, but I might wear it once before I do ;-)

As soon as I got the package from Juli, I enameled up some red beads, and blue beads, and white beads (they're really off white, to match the silvered ivory glass of the lampwork bead.

 Just look at that focal. No really - look at it!!!!

I think I'm seriously in love with this one!


  1. This is one fantastic necklace, Cynthia. Your enamel beads are awesome saucy and I want to be your mama so I can have it! Truly love.


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