Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enameled Flowers and Keys!

Now that the evil camera is cooperating somewhat, I took some photos of the flowers I enameled over the weekend. I really *L*O*V*E* them! Take a look, I think you'll agree!
This is all of them in my crystal dish.
 These are the larger flowers. They range in size, up to about 2 inches! I love that the results are, more often than not, unpredictable. The 2 orange flowers were enameled with the exact same enamels!! The lower one almost looks purple in the center.
 Here are the larger flowers with some smaller flowers, as I might layer them. I'm planning on layering them with a piece of Vintaj filigree as the bottom layer, to make pendants.
 And, maybe not as fantastic, but I still love them, are keys, and a heart, and a butterfly. The littlest keys are only 5/8" long. So tiny and cute!
So, that's it for now.
I took more pictures last night, but they are for Erin's Challenge of Music, reveal /blog hop on 2/29/12, so please come back then.


  1. Really nice, Cynthia! I love enamel flowers, too!

  2. I'd love to try this sometime, love these keys.

  3. Those are so cool!!

  4. I need to speak to someone about a candle project that I am doing and need larger enamel flowers for, I like what I see that you have.....I would really love to send you a photo of what I am looking for. I have Asiatic Lilies in my garden and if possible they'd be perfect for what I am doing. But other flower colors would work as well--how do I get in touch with you.


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