Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cautionary Tale

WARNING: yukky photo below

I've been having so much fun torch fire enameling. I've got a big mess of beads to show for it, and have started putting them into some jewelry designs. I will take pictures of them, but this post is not about the beads, or the jewelry.
Up until this weekend, I could proudly say that I had not burned myself yet! But, now I can't say that!

I am always very respectful of the torch, especially when it's lit. I always make sure that my hands stay well away from the flame. I hold the jar of enamel powder in my left hand to tilt it (coming from the left side of the torch), and hold the bead and mandrel in my right hand (on the right side of the torch). I always keep my hands low, to avoid the flame. Often, I turn off the torch between beads, to save the gas (especially since MAPP has been recalled, and you can't buy it right now).
But on Sunday, I was putting a lid on one of my jars. The torch was not lit, so I think my guard was down. I guess it is my habit to bring a jar closer to my body, to get the lid on tighter, and that is when I touched the hot torch. It was a half a second, but it burned me pretty good.

It doesn't hurt anymore, but, it's look is changing.
Yesterday, it looked like the Chesapeake Bay!!
Today, it looks more like a Chinese Dragon! Do you see it?
Overall, it reminds me of Zombie flesh! yuk :-(
Mercifully for you, I took this photo with my ipod, with one hand, so it's blurry.


  1. huge ouch! I haven't done THAT, but have this tendency to pick up hot would think I would learn. :)

  2. I bet there's little boys everywhere, right now, panting over their Momma's shoulders to get a glimpse of this goriness! Merciful Minerva, lady. (yes, I see the dragon) Dab it with vitamin E oil. Or, if you have any, tea tree oil (kills 99% of all germs and bacteria) In fact, I highly recommend tea tree oil for all sorts of cuts, scrapes, and general cleaning. It can be applied directly to owies without being diluted (put into a carrier oil like vitamine E oil) All y'all keep some handy!

  3. Ouch! hope it's feeling better!!


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