Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Pay Pal question

I just found out that Pay Pal has a limit (for spending)! I am being told I have to link my bank account or apply for the Pay Pal credit card to continue to use Pay Pal. I'm not comfortable linking my checking account, but I also don't need/want another credit card to pay! Honestly, the limit is quite high, and I have to believe that it has taken me years to reach it. I've been a "good customer" for so long - they are basically giving me an ultimatum.

Do any of you have any advice, or experience with this? Should I trust Pay Pal, and give them my checking account number?? I don't really want them to take money directly out of my checking account. I only use Pay Pal for buying beads, I'm not using it as a seller. I really love the convenience and ease of use of Pay Pal, but I'm afraid of my checking account being wiped clean. Maybe I should be more trusting, but in this day & age, you can't be too careful. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  1. Are you sure they didn't mean a Paypal DEBIT card? That works just like a debit card on a checking account, and it pays cash back on spending.

    One option is to open a separate checking account to link to PP. That's what I did from the get go.

    Good Luck! :)

  2. The same happened to me when I bought too much on Etsy. The c.c. is great because you get bonuses (like free beads)--but they discontinued that when I was using it and getting too many bonuses! I finally broke down and linked to a bank account where I keep limited money. My bank confirmed it was safe, and I've had no problems.


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