Friday, October 07, 2011

Lima Beads Challenge Reveal

Today's the day! Well, actually, tomorrow's the day, but I have to post today, because I can't do it tomorrow morning.

I loved the beads in this kit! Each bead was so pretty, and the clasp, chain and ribbon too. My problem was that I could not get them to play together!

This first necklace uses the fabulous Abalone bead (I'm planning on buying more of those!!), the stick pearls, the little yellow potato pearls, the green crystals and the little TOHO beads. After making the matching earrings (below), I added the center pearl on a chain. I really like how this turned out, but what about all the other beads?!?!?

A close up up the center drop. I made it like the earrings, except I added a Foliage bead cap.

To make the earrings, I had to ream the pearl holes to get the wire through (UGH!). That's probably why I don't use as many pearls as I used to. I wrapped lots of wire around the top.

For the next necklace, I really wanted to try to use the Vintaj focal, and the clasp, and the chain. And I was determined to use the pretty purple flowers!! I dangled a flower behind, and in the center of, the focal and made links with the purple flowers and TOHO beads. I also used the last green crystal bead, and worked in 2 of the purple rondelles. This necklace looks more like my usual designs - asymmetrical.

Here's a close up of the gorgeous Missficklemedia clasp, as well as the other links.

I bent the wires on the back of the flower links to keep them from spinning and turning upside down. (and it worked!!)

After I had the kit a little while, I enlisted help from one of my beading buddies - Suzan Lopatin. I told her I was having trouble getting the beads to play nice together, so she took a stab at it. This necklace is a combined effort, but she did 99% of it. She probably would have used Sterling, but deferred to me on the brass. She was able to use the purple teardrops and more teal stick pearls. She added olive Keishi pearls and some peanut seed beads (we are both loving the little peanuts right now!) I think Suzan made a stunning necklace!! It is so rich and luxurious looking! I wore it already, and received lots of compliments.

Here's a close up. Something Suzan likes to do is wrap a fine chain around, to give the design a little extra somethin'-somethin'! I never would have thought of doing it, and I think it really makes it more interesting and attractive. You might notice some green wire. I added that in a few random places to help keep the chain in place. Mmmmmm, looks so yummy.

So, those who know what was in the kit know that I did not use the ribbon, or the oval lemon Chrysoprase beads, or the Zebra Jasper nuggets. Those Zebra Jasper nuggets are so cool, with iridescent stripes, but I could not get them to fit with anything. I'd like to thank Lorelei and Shannon for hosting, and picking out the fabulous kit components!

Please go to Lorelei's blog for the blog hop list! Have fun!


  1. Cynthia, those are stunning. I love your idea of bending the wire on the back of the flower bead .. who knew such a simple twist would make those babies stay facing forward. I like the second necklace the best, but the other two have inspired me to get those stick pears back out. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. Okay those are awesome! Thanks for linking up and joining in on the hop!
    I just love your pieces but the chain in the first one dangling from the abalone is great and caught my eye.
    I am totally going to try that with the wire because my pet peeve is the flowers swirling around.
    I hope you had fun!
    Shannon C

  3. Nice designs. I really like the look of the earrings. You must have lots of patience to work with those darn pearls!

  4. What lovely pieces! I like your idea of bending the wire for thos little flowers. I didn'g use them since they kept flipping around.

    Beautiful - all of them!

  5. I am sorry I missed your post this weekend! Here I am finally!
    What a cool way to use that Abalone focal- Love it. And I like how you showed us the wire-work for the purple glass button flowers. That is such a great tip! Thank you for participating, I hope you loved hopping through the blogs!


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