Saturday, June 10, 2017

Agate, bone, and more agate

My friend Sheryl finds jewelry bargains every where she goes, or so it seems! She could keep me busy with project after project, well into my old age! hahaha.
Last time we met, I gave her 2 necklaces (below) which I made out of some of her broken jewelry bargains. She gave me a new project to consider - huge beads made of agate (?)

Let's get started...
These are the 2 necklaces made from broken jewelry. The necklace on the left is made from carved bone beads. I used some gunmetal bracelet clasps as "links" in between the bone beads. I glued a small bone bead on the clasp in the back and then glued a black rhinestone in the hole of that bead. The clasps are from CJS (see older post about the suitcase of stuff I got!!). I got a baggie full of mixed gun metal clasps.

The necklace on the right has an old earring as the focal and various agate beads with Chinese crystal links. The mixed stone necklaces Sheryl brings me have such irregular beads in them, and it can take a while to locate beads with holes big enough to go on 20 gauge wire. I managed to find pairs of similar beads, so the necklace has a symmetry about it.

note: I ran into Sheryl the day after I gave her these, and she was wearing the agate necklace!!
 After I gave her the 2 necklaces above, she pulled out a broken necklace, which, honestly, you'd need a back brace to wear!! LOL. It was made of the below 6 stones, the largest of which is about 2.75" long. These are big, heavy stones!!
The idea was to make simple necklaces. So I made some headpins out of wire, with a "knot" for a head and started making pendants. These first 3 have orangey colors, so 2 of them got a small orange bead at the top. The center one has a small gold tone bead. It was a stray bead that was in Sheryl's bag of beads, so I went with it. I put them on long chains - 30" or so.
 Two of the stones below had more yellow than the stones above. The center necklace has a yellow glass faceted bead and a Vintaj brass acorn bead cap. The glass has swirls in it, like the stone. The stone on the right had yellow and orange and I thought it would look good with the brass beads (to pull out the yellow in the stone). I don't do a lot of bead stringing these days, so that was a nice change. The stone on the left was drilled off center, and begged to be used horizontally. I found some jasper beads with some grey veining, to complement the main stone. These are all a bit shorter -  22" to 24".
All in all, I'm happy with them. Let's hope Sheryl is too.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What fun! You know how much I love to make something new from something old too, so I'm smitten with seeing how others do it. I totally dig how you used all of these pieces. And, I would have totally made six separate necklace from those big agate slices. I can't believe they had all been in one single necklace. That's crazy sauce! Fabulous job with these!!


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