Monday, March 27, 2017

Vintage parts

OK, so I have made a couple things with my loot from CJS in NYC. I've been busy since October filling my printer's cabinet. (here's the post about that) I will write a post about the filled cabinet later. But, it took A LOT of time to fill the drawers, and I really hardly made any jewelry for 4-5 months! It's nice to start creating jewelry again.
These earring components are from CJS, as are the cabochons. The little hearts dangle inside the circle, and this is how they came. I got a baggie full of them. I'd say the circle is about 18mm wide. I glued the cabochons on to the hearts, and added earwires. The patina you see on the circles is just how they came.
The heart focal is from CJS. It is plastic that's been metalized. And then it appears to have had a very hard life! lol. It is tarnished and worn, but I like it the way it is. I also found the little swirly heart connector (in the center, above the focal) as an odd little piece in a different bag of beads. It was just in there, so I thought I'd use it. Everything else is from my stash. The oval peacock dot beads would never had been used if not for my recent printer cabinet organization blitz!

These are quite similar, but different. At CJS, I bought a baggie (about a Quart size) of these green plastic charms. They are all the same shape, but different sizes and colors (both transparent and opaque). So I played around with layering the smaller ones on the larger ones, and came up with these two necklaces. Because they are plastic, they are feather light, which makes them so comfortable to wear. They make a fun clickty-clack sound when you move.

 The CJS beads in these two necklaces are the oval wooden beads. They vary in size and have slight variations in color too. I've had both these focals on my desk for a long time, just waiting for the right idea to come along. The round raven focal is from Humblebeads. The diamond Raku focal is from Oscar Crow (on Etsy). The wood beads are a grayish blue, and work with both focals, even though they are different colors.

This necklace has beads from various places. The beads from CJS are the long silver beads with the rose embossed into it. These are metalized plastic! The quality of the metalized plastic at CJS was really good. If they weren't so light weight, you'd think they were really metal! The glass heart was picked up at a small bead show. The 2 round red rose beads are from Jesse James. They are all metal and super detailed! Oh oops, I lied. The red fire-polished crystals were also from CJS!!
I don't work in silver tones much, but this was a gift for a friend that likes silver, so I forced myself to do it! LOL.

Well, believe it or not, that's all I've made with my suitcase full of beads, so far. But like I said, I've been in organizing mode lately! More to come!!

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  1. Getting to see some of the pieces you picked up is pretty awesome. I'm smitten with those rings with the hearts. How cool are they!? Looks like you came home with some real treasures. I'm glad to hear they didn't all get lost coming home ;)


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