Thursday, March 03, 2016

Viking Knit!

 Years ago, I met a woman at the Craftsy meet-up who said she'd teach me Viking Knit. But, she and her husband moved before we got the chance to get together. Flash forward to 2016, and a friend from Bucks County Bead Society (another Cynthia) knows how to do Viking Knit, and she showed me. It's really much less difficult than the end product looks. And I am sure there are techniques and nuances that make the end result more uniform and perfect. But heck, I'm just happy to have done this!
The front part of the necklace is the Viking Knit section, finished with cones on the ends. I added a mother-of-pearl flower button and bead on 1 side, and a stack of mother-of-pearl beads on the other. Vintaj rolo chain at the back of the necklace.
 The pendant is a vintage mother-of-pearl buckle, with a Vintaj butterfly dangling in front.
There are "imperfections" in the Viking Knit I made, but who could tell? If I'm going to do more Viking knit, I'll need to get my own a draw plate, to pull the knit through.

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  1. Oh, Viking Knit is one of those skills I want to learn also. In fact, thanks for the reminder. . .I just added to my list of goals for the year. I'm hoping I can find a tutorial somewhere online. Your necklace is beautiful. I love the elements you added to the knit. They keep it simple but stunning.


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