Monday, August 03, 2015

znetshows Summer 2015 Creative Spark

It's time for another znetshows Creative Spark issue. The design team was asked to do things a bit differently this time. We were given a choice between creating non-jewelry items, or creating sea-inspired jewelry, or veggie/garden-inspired jewelry, or some other-inspired topics. I did not hesitate. I wanted to finally follow through on an idea I've had for quite some time. I offered to make wind chimes.
First of all, I love wind chimes. I have many hanging on my back porch. Some of them don't make much sound, while others need just the slightest breeze to ring. But I really love it when a storm is kicking up, and they are start clanging and clinking, like an orchestra before a performance. (the lightning in the sky is the "house lights", letting me know to take my seat!)
Another reason I wanted to make wind chimes is that I've had one partially started for a while now (maybe several years?). I bought a dark brass butterfly on the internet a few years back. I, apparently, did not convert the millimeters in to inches correctly in my head, and I was surprised when the package arrived - the butterfly is huge! I like a big statement necklace as much as the next gal, but this butterfly is just too big!
So, I thought it would be cool to make a wind chime or sun catcher out of him. I drilled/ punched holes in it, and then he sat on my bead desk, waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the inspiration to hit me.
Then I received the email about the znetshows Creative Spark summer issue, and it was kismet. ;-)

So, my first wind chime (yes, I made more than one) is made with my big brass butterfly and znetshows yellow sea glass. These sea glass beads are left overs from previous challenges/ issues. I wire wrapped tusks and hung shards with butterflies from Vintaj chain. It makes me think of a butterfly flitting around the flower garden on a sunny day.

Next up is another large brass stamping that was bigger than expected. I really should get a ruler out when I'm binge buying online!! But I love this - so Art Nouveau! And it's not sooooo big that I couldn't have used it for jewelry, but it is big enough to use as a wind chime! I was given a choice of znetshows sea glass beads. I picked the bottle rings in turquoise and "coke bottle" aqua, fancy shards in turquoise and 2 hole shards in "coke bottle" aqua and green, and some periwinkle small nuggets.
I used some of the shards and rings for this wind chime, in turquoise and green. I used chain to hang the sea glass, and leather cord at the top, to hang the wind chime on the porch.

While I was on  a "wind chime roll", I looked for more things in my stash that would work. This copper daisy was purchased to be torch fire enameled. And it could be enameled, but it would take a lot of time, and a lot of enamel! This daisy already had pierced holes on the petals, perfect for hanging chain and beads, for a wind chime! The znetshows sea glass beads used in this wind chime is the "coke bottle" aqua rings and 2-hole shards, and one periwinkle small nugget at the bottom

All of the sea glass beads used to make these wind chimes are available for purchase at the znetshows website!
Please check out the Creative Spark Summer 25015 issue HERE!

I think I hear a summer storm coming.....gotta run and take my seat on the porch!

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  1. I love, love how your windchimes turned out! My favorite is the nouveau one for sure. The blues and greens and art deco-ish style of it really speak to me. Amazing job all the way around!


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