Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Long time, no talk

Sorry I've been MIA - just lots of things going on, and my blog suffers the consequences.

Way back in February when there was snow and ice all around (I can barely remember it!) Orchard Artworks (the gallery I'm a member of) had a show featuring a children's book by fellow artist, Dean (Captain) Morey. To go along with his book, the other artists were invited to create altered books, or book related art. I made some book related necklaces.

This first little "book" is made from an embossed Vintaj blank with Vintaj Patinas applied. The beads are Czech daggers and striped seed beads.

A close up of the front

The inside....
Next we have another little "book". This is all Vintaj, I embossed the blank.

The front

The inside....it's a scrapbooking sticker
 Around the same time I also made the next two necklaces.
The rhinestone daisy is an old pin that I have had for quite a while. I don't like damaging old things, so I wrapped the pin and catch with wire, so that it can't be opened. If the wire is ever removed, it can become a pin again. I just put it on some Vintaj chain. Simple.
 This heart stamping, which it from Trinity brass, I think, has also been on my bead desk for a while. I liked it, and wanted to make something, but I am not normally inspired by hearts, so it took a while for inspiration to hit me. The beads are red fire polished glass, brass filigree tubes and bead caps

Really, a pretty heart!

I got some fresh loot from Znetshows, which I'll be blogging about soon (hopefully later this week!)
Here's a sneek peak!
the loot!!!

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