Monday, June 24, 2013

Some recent tidbits

I haven't made too much new jewelry, except for the recent collaboration items, but I did manage to finish a few necklaces. Looking at them you might wonder what took me so long. I can't really explain, other than to say it's been a tough year so far.

This is one of my first enameled beads. The hole on one side was very rough, so, bead cap to the rescue! And the bead cap's design sort of mimics the pattern on the bead. The bead spins! So, if I'm wearing it, and need to keep my hands busy for some reason, I can spin it!
 This is the other side. I kinda like the non-bead cap side best.
 I picked up this fabulous old rhinestone component last year at Bead Fest, at the April Melody booth. They carry TONS of Czech glass beads, but also some interesting odds and ends! This component (it's not an old pin or pendant) is so old looking, but still fabulous. I stumbled across the rhinestone chain links in my stash. They match perfectly. I refrained from adding anything else. I chose a bigger chain (Vintaj), to match the size of the piece.
 This is an antique mother of pearl button I got from a friend with a ridiculous button collection (thank you Leslie!!). I hesitated to glue the vintage flower cabochon on the button. It looked fine with out it, but I really liked the flower, so I went with it. I can always make another one with out it (different button, of course). It will kill me to sell this one, but I'm gonna do it - I put it in the gallery this weekend!
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  1. I'm very familiar with the rough edges of enameled beads and a bead cap is a great solution. And a really like what you did with the other necklaces, especially the MOP button. Sweet!


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