Friday, June 01, 2012

Are you sick of looking at enameled beads?

I'm not!!! I am totally obsessed with enameling anything I can get my hands on.
But if you are, you can totally skip this post - it's all enameled! I'll understand ;-)

I have been enameling beads like it's about to be outlawed (I'd probably keep enameling if it were illegal - it's like crack to me). So, I thought I'd start putting some of my many beads into necklaces. I've been using them sparingly (except for the patriotic necklace I made for my Mom, which she really loved, BTW). I've been putting in one or two at a time. So, I decided to make a simple necklace of all enameled beads. Some of these are some of the first ones I enameled. The round orange one in the middle has WAY TOO Much enamel on it, when I wasn't sure what I was doing. All the holes are filled! Still pretty though!

And, more flowers, because I'm still making them. This one is purple with a little pink flower in the middle, and a bali style spacer (with purple enamel). I wrapped wire around the outside of the flower, and made a wrapped loop, to attach to a chain.
 This one looks like a lily to me. The pictures are a little dark, but it's shades of pink and cranberry. There are little spots and pock marks, but I like them.

This one is black, in case I'm not in a colorful mood. The center bead is a weird reddish peachy beige color. I really should make notes when I'm enameling, so I can re-create colors. But I'm more like a mad scientist when I'm at the torch. I don't have time to take notes!! 
Must. Enamel. (in a Frankenstein-like voice)
That's it. That wasn't too painful, was it?
Have a great weekend!



    If I start seeing lightning around your craft area, Dr., I'm running for the hills! Until then, love what you've done so far! :)

  2. No, I'm not sick of looking at enameled beads! It's my obsession, too. I am especially impressed with your flowers.


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