Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I do not have a word for the year!

I'm catching up on all the blogs I enjoy reading and I must say...this year more than ever, everyone's picking a word for the year. I have seen folks do this in the past, but there are many people doing it this year. I'm racking my brain for a word that might be good for me. I got nothing. Maybe it was too much champagne this weekend, or not enough sleep, or too much sleep. I just can't think!!! Maybe my word can be "think". If you think of a word for me, let me know.

On a more exciting note, I finally tried "Painting with Fire" yesterday!! I pre-ordered Barbara Lewis' book this summer. I bought the PWF kit from Barbara at Beadfest Philly (and went to her demo!!!). I went to Home Depot and got the MAPP gas. I cleared (& cleaned) a section of a work bench in the basement. Saved up metal cat food cans (and washed them!!) (keep in mind, all these things we "done" over a 6-7 month period!)
Yesterday, I clamped the gas tank to the workbench, got a baking sheet and a jar of water. Screwed the torch into the tank. Emptied the vermiculite into the little pan. Took a big deep breath, and turned on the torch. I had a BLAST!! No, nothing exploded, except for the ideas in my head. I only screwed up one bead - pretty good for a beginner! And a couple had "unexpected" results. That's what learning and experimenting is all about.  I enameled about 20 beads in about 2 hours. Of course, there were many work play breaks, so I could show my husband my pretty new beads - "Look at this pretty orange bead"..."Look at this pretty blue color". I can't wait to do it again. I am totally hooked! I need more beads and more colors (of enamel). I bought a couple extra colors when I bought the kit, but I need more!!!! And I need more cat food cans (the kitties will eat well tonight!!).

The only disappointment is that I did not have charged batteries for my camera before the sun went down yesterday, so I don't have a photo of my fabulous new enameled beads. Damn camera! ....It's not the camera's fault....damn batteries!

Maybe my word of the year can be "batteries", like, keep them charged!!

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  1. I've taken her class twice, and the 2nd time I realized that the FIRST time, I was holding the beads way too close to the nozzle part of the flame -- they need to be further out. I keep having to force my arm that way!


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