Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Some Humble Holiday Necklaces

I recently ordered the following pendants from Humblebeads. I will definitely order more Humblebeads, once the old credit card cools down! These necklaces practically made themselves!
I will apologize now for the photography. I have been having some camera issues. Maybe Santa will resolve the problem with a new camera(??)

OK, you're probably noticing that this first one is not really "Holiday". But it's a little owl from Humblebeads, and I borrowed the idea for the wire nest from Heather (at Humblebeads). I love her wonderful woodland sense of style! I paired this pendant with some czech glass and olive wood "acorns".

Look at this cute little owl!
Unrelated info:We had a BIG owl in our back yard recently, that was kinda exciting. He (or she) was perched at the very top of a tall dying tree. At dusk you could see it, and hear it calling: "Who, Who, Who-who, Who". Pretty neat!

Next is the snowflake pendant. I had the blue beads in my stash. They are Czech milk glass. I may have mentioned that I love peanut beads these days. It doesn't show in my photo, but the peanut beads glow, just like ice!

Another little cutie - this snowman is so cute. And I liked the different shades of blue and aqua. The beads are foil lined beads from Fire Mountain - blue, aqua and crystal with little blue flecks (snowflakes). I'm really sorry there's no close up shot - because he's even cuter closer up.

This one isn't really Holiday, except for the little dangles. This is a Midnight Willow pendant. The dangles are made with AB crystal teardrop beads. Actually, I meant to make the drops differently, like in the next'll see.
Pretty close up shot!

I decorated this evergreen bough with Christmas lights! The dangles are multicolored crystal teardrops, strung upside down, to look like little light bulbs.
A closer look at the beautiful pendant!

Now, this is not Humblebeads, but it is Holiday!! It's a glass pendant I picked up at Beadfest a couple years ago. Red and green swirls! I just got the red and green cane glass from Fire Mountain. And the green recycled sari silk is from Barbara Lewis, Painting with Fire. I thought I needed a little more pop of color, so, I went with the green silk. Very festive!


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  1. Oh, wow! I love your necklaces, especially turning the tear drop bead upside down for Christmas lights. Now, that's outside the box, lady! Love it!


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