Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Stringing Challenge

This is my first time entering Stringing's reader challenge. The theme is Poetry and Prose. I made this necklace from an old broken pin. It's iridescent white with a drawing of a person giving a bouquet to another person. It was made in Czechoslovakia, probably in the 1930's or 1940's (I think).
Here's the link. You need to be a member of the "Beading Daily" community, which just means you subscribe to the free emails. I don't know if it will accept votes if you are not a member, but I figure most bead bloggers are probably members. If you aren't, the emails are mostly fun to read, and sometimes give me new ideas.
Stringing Poetry & Prose challenge:

My design is #18, if you feel like voting for me.


  1. Lovely the mix of components.

  2. Psst --- check out my blog, you won something! I need an address now!

  3. I just came across your Blog. Your things are really really Lovely! Your jewellerys I was right away Impressed.


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