Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OK, so, it's late February, and I'm just now getting around to using one of my Christmas gifts. I received a tabletop photo light booth from my Mom (she asked what I wanted). It's pretty cool. It folds up into it's own carrying case, and came with a tripod and 2 lights, and a couple different fabric backgrounds. I used a piece of fuzzy fabric I already had for these photos. I think I need more light. The photos look dark on my screen at work, but they looked fine on my screen at home, after I brightened them up a little, and cropped them, in Photoshop. If anyone has any tips for getting more light on the subject.... I know, natural light is preferred, but I work full time, and it's hard to get photos of things. There is only so much daylight...although, I've been enjoying the slightly longer days lately...sorry I drifted a little there. (I'm sooooo ready for Spring!!)

Anyway, these are some simple necklaces I finished recently. The green one is mother of pearl, sort of like a Lilly Pilly focal, but not quite as nice or detailed. The brown & orange one is Lilly Pilly. The crazy leaf shaped one is also mother of pearl, but printed on. I got it years ago at, I think, the first Beadfest I ever went to. I bought so many beads that day!!

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