Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lorelei's Michael's "challenge"

I'm posting earlier than the deadline, to make sure I don't miss it!
I went to Michael's and was able to find all the beads for the task! This actually was a challenge for me, because, while I like all the beads individually, I probably would not put them all together into one necklace. I'm usually more monochromatic. So, this was a good thing to try.

I actually made 2 necklaces, my favorite one is the symmetrical-ish one on the left.

And, they look good worn together!!

This was fun!! I look forward to doing this again! Thanks Lorelei!


  1. Oh coollll!!
    It's funny, the one on the right, is very much like what I put together for the challenge. I have beads left over so I may try to do a whole ensemble. Thanks for playing along!

  2. I love them! Great job!

  3. Oh, you are so right. These look fabulous together! Great idea!


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