Wednesday, November 14, 2012


OK, I do not mean to offend. And, if it helps, you could say it stands for "Wed Thurs Fri" ;-)

I **WON** these charms from, none other than, Barbara Lewis, during the book blog tour of Lori Anderson's new book, Bead Soup.
To win, you just needed to leave a comment, saying which charm you would choose, if you won. Obviously, I chose these! And then I won!

I knew I wanted to make them into earrings, but what to dangle below the charm?? As I looked through my enameled beads, I found these. These were white enamel, that I tried to "over fire" to bring out other colors, like Barbara does in her book. What my experiments yielded were beads that barely had any enamel left on them at all!! I burned the enamel right off! So, it's kind of an inside enameling joke:
"WTF happened to the enamel on these poor burnt beads??"
(the truth: I kinda like 'em anyway)

Any enamelers out there??
Who else has had experiments turn out "surprising"?
BTW - Barbara (Painting with Fire) has some enamels on sale right now! I don't really need more, but I got some new colors to experiment with - look out!


  1. I would so wear these. LOL

    As for the enamel beads? Love 'em. That might be a mistake to repeat in the future!

  2. I kinda like your beads! The colors are cool.

  3. Well, W-T-F does not mean Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to me. I kind of like the in your face, W-T-F, attitude. And I get the "WTF happened to the enamel" reference (after you explained it). I have 28 enamel colors (or is it in the 30s?). Enamel on, my enameling friend.


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