Monday, November 19, 2012

I took a little break from enameling

I did stop enameling for a month or two. I've been busy helping my parents downsize and sell the house, so not much time for enameling and jewelry making. So, when I get a little spare time, I try to make the most of it!
Here's some enameled jewelry I've been working on.

These earrings started out as plain copper blanks. I embossed them with my Big Kick and vintaj dies. After enameling, the design is hard to see - it's a bird. The enamel is blue (I don't remember the name), but the purple color is the copper showing through. Actually, I think the copper combines with the glass to make the color. I don't know, I'll have to re-read Barbara Lewis' book to get the real reason. I liked the results, what ever the reason.

Next up is a necklace with a "flower" focal. This is Butter opaque with Raspberry transparent over top. I try to get varied amounts of color on different petals, to create a sort of water color effect.
 I used some copper rolo chain I had on hand. It's much bigger/thicker than I thought I was buying. That really can be a problem when buying online. Sometimes, the thing you bought turns out much larger or smaller than you thought! The 2 copper cones are from my giant Panda Hall purchase (I think I have thousands of these cones!)
 So yummy looking!!! I could eat this!!

Next up is a variation of a floral cascade style. I wanted to try to make one that was a bit more funky. I had all these beads in my stash. I really like the yellow spikey "flower" at the bottom. It's made from a starburst copper component, that I bent and then enameled. I stuck one of the copper cones from the above necklace in the middle. Then I just gathered beads in colors I thought would look good together. The last beads to be added to this mix were the yellow lampwork beads with the green dots. I don't even remember where I got them! (probably Beadfest years ago?)
 Lots of fun! I have yet to make a floral cascade "correctly". Barbara Lewis' floral cascade has the larger beads at the top, and the smaller beads at the bottom. For whatever reason, I can't seem to do that!
That's it for recent enameling, except please come back on Nov 30th for the Challenge of Color reveal nad blog hop. All the things I made for the challenge have enamel in them.
Yeah, I know, that's your "shocked face", right?

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  1. I can see the bird! I really like the color variation. Looks like a sunset! And the effect that you got in the flower is to die for! And that spiky yellow flower is the bomb!


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