Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Golem Pendants, plus an all Vintaj design

A couple months ago, the Beads of Clay blog had a sale where all (or most all) of the artists participated. I picked up 2 Golem pendants. They are both of the same flower, but in different colors. I do the same thing with pants - buy the same thing in different colors. I know I'm not the only one who does this.
This is the blue one. The brown clay offers a nice contrast to the blue, and in real life, it is a bit darker, and more matte looking. I found some czech glass beads that matched the blue. Is it me, or are blues hard to match - "this one's too red, this one's too green, ahhh, this one is just right" - I feel like Goldilocks sometimes! The bumpy bead is an inexpensive "faux pearl" I picked up at Beadfest. The color matched Vintaj Natural Brass, so I knew it would work itself into something eventually.
This is a closer look at the blue Golem pendant.

This is the red one. Actually, it's somewhere between orange and red, and I had czech glass that matched it perfectly. The center of the flower is a darker purpler red so I added some dark red spacers. And years ago I got the larger red cathedral beads, 4 in a little baggie for $1.00. They were just right for this necklace. I love it when I use something from my stash that I've had for a long time. I made the bails on both of these necklaces with 20g wire.
This is a closer look at the red-orange Golem pendant.

This necklace is all Vintaj Natural Brass Butterflies. Sometimes it's nice to have an all metal necklace, with no "color". It goes with every outfit!

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