Monday, February 29, 2016

More Mahjong inspiration

After I finished making Sharon's custom necklace (see previous post), I was still feeling the inspiration to make more!

I found some similar beaded beads at.....Walmart, of all places! A new Walmart just opened near me, and I happened upon a little bag of mixed beaded beads, much to my delight.

So, here we have 2 odd "Indonesian" beads, some faceted Czech beads, and more of the love knot connectors that I'm currently smitten with making. Vintaj chain, bead caps, clasp, filigree.

 Here's a close up of the beads - they appear to be made by pushing beads into clay or epoxy.
Below is another Mahjong necklace, not inspired by the previous one. While circling the bead dept at AC Moore, these Czech beads caught my eye. They are like slag glass - with a mix of yellow, orange, brown and bits of aqua. And they were on clearance!! I thought they'd look great with some of my Mahjong tiles, and they do! Along with the filigree wrap around the tile, I used a little piece of filigree, and one link that's made completely of brass beads, just to mix things up. This necklace is going to a good home on March 6th. I am donating it to "Dining For Women", for a charity raffle. The money will go towards helping impoverished women around the world gain skills and a means to support themselves. I hope it will bring some money in, for a worthy cause.

And lastly, a colorful bird tile. I had a made a similar necklace a while back with these flower beads, but I expanded the color palette in this necklace. I have a stash of Czech glass table-cut flowers in a variety of colors, and just started laying them out until I was happy with the arrangement! I added the filigree leaf, since the bird is sitting on a branch with leaves.

Another angle of the bird tile. This tile is a bit brighter in color than the other two. I'd guess it's not quite as old.
 If you're getting sick (and tired) of Mahjong necklaces, not to worry. My next post will show my first ever attempt at Viking knit!!
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