Thursday, April 11, 2013

Upcycling chandelier crystals!

I'm a member of a small local gallery - The Orchard Artworks. It's an artist's cooperative, and we have shows about every month. Being a jewelry artist, I don't do "solo" shows, because it would take A LOT of jewelry to fill the gallery room! But we often do "group" shows.

There is a fun group show coming up in May, featuring Upcycled Art (art made from re-purposed and recycled items). I am gearing up for this show, using found objects and old stuff (when I'm not using an artbead, I'm usually using an antique bit of some kind). I normally do not like the look of chandelier crystals in jewelry, because they always look like what they are - chandelier crystals! But, in the context of the show, I've been inspired to pull some out and use them. I have to say that they are growing on me! I paired some with some old buckles. I think some of these would look good worn in multiples.
This crystal is about 3 inches long!

This crystal was actually off an old candlestick bobeche.

I wrapped wire around and over the top to stabilize. The old wires in the crystals look pretty fragile.
 I have always loved old buckles. I used to buy them at auctions, with no plan for them. I was just buying them as artifacts from a by-gone era. I mean, who wears these kind of buckles anymore? I've got Bakelite, celluloid, Sterling, brass, rhinestone studded, pot metal filigree, and simple plastic buckles.
This buckle is celluloid.

Dyed pink Mother of Pearl buckle! My pink MOP beads just happened to match!!

I'm headed to Beadfest Spring tomorrow. I don't NEED any beads, but I'll probably come home with plenty to add to my stash. ;-)


  1. So pretty! I do like the chandelier crystals and have some that I haven't used. Inspired now! I love that you know what all these buckles are--Bakelite, celluloid, etc. I'm sure these necklaces will get a lot of positive comments at the show and I hope you sell out. Have fun at Bead Fest and don't spend too much (says she who always goes over-budget).

  2. What fabulous jewellery you have been creating - love the buckles idea - how very original


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