Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Benefit

I live in Pennsylvania, about a half hour from New Jersey. As most people know, the east coast was slammed by Hurricane Sandy last fall. The devastation that was left behind is incomprehensible. There are houses that escaped with barely a scratch, and houses that were completely demolished. Entire families were left homeless. What can we do about Mother Nature? Really, nothing.

So, when I got an email from a friend, asking if I'd donate a piece of jewelry for a Sandy Relief fund raiser, I said "YES". They are having a concert, and a gift raffle. I hope my humble little contribution will help them raise money, to help out the victims left homeless.
They were looking for "Beach" themed items for the fundraiser. I remembered that I had a "beachy" lampwork bead from Maya Honey. I started looking through my stash, and surprisly, I located it pretty quickly. It reminds me of sand and a starfish. I added a Vintaj Dragonfly, and some frosted glass beads. They aren't sea glass, but they look like it. The Vintaj bead caps remind me of sea creatures - barnacles, maybe?
"Beachside Fly By"
Close up of the Maya Honey lampwork bead
The fund raiser is this weekend. I hope they raise lots and lots of money!


  1. A gorgeous necklace and love the name. The lampwork bead looks like a starfish laying on the beach. The bead caps look like sea urchins!It will help for sure.

  2. A lovely necklace for a worthy cause...I LOVE Vintaj & this dragonfly is amazing!! Thanks for stopping by to say hi, my baby book story even makes me tear up after all these years!! :)))


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