Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O-rings to the rescue!

I took my niece to a small but nice bead show a couple weeks ago. We shopped and brought home a few treasures.
The one item I knew I wanted to get was rubber O-rings. Here's why I needed them.
If you look in between the layers of the enameled flower, you can seewhere I used the little O-rings. They act as cushions for the enameled flowers, so I can tighten the layers a bit more than I've been able to. My earlier flower layers were not super tight. If you over tighten them, the enamel will crack off. So, I left them a tad loose, which is fine. The flowers can spin and move. But sometimes, I'd like to line up petals a certain way, so the O-rings will allow me to do that.
The added bonus is it builds a more 3-D look into the flowers! I purchased many colors of O-rings, to coordinate (or contrast) with the flower colors.

The O-rings are from My Elements. They have an etsy shop.


  1. very much impressed with your stuff.

  2. What a colorful and fabulous solution! Plus your enameled flowers are so wonderful and so much fun. Great technique all the way around!

  3. Wonderful idea! Thank you!!!


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